When to Repair or Replace

When to Repair or Replace

When unbearably hot East Texas summer months arrive, we depend on our air conditioners and demanded them to perform their job to cool our homes. When your cooling system is working properly, your home is comfortable and you’re probably not experiencing any significant increase in monthly utility bills. However, when an essential component malfunctions or your unit stops working, now is the time to consider: is time to repair or replace the failing unit? 

All Seasons can provide a thorough diagnosis of your system and make a professional recommendation. To help you decide, we’ve put together a list of factors to consider. 


  • The cost of the repairs is less than one third the cost of a replacement
  • The unit is less than 10 years old
  • The unit is still under warranty (see your warranty terms)

Replacing all or part of a heating and cooling system can be a big investment. When an older unit has continuous issues or shows signs of reduced energy efficiency, it could be more economical to upgrade your home home comfort system. All Seasons can help you choose a replacement that fits your needs and budget. 


  • The cost of the repairs is near half the cost of a replacement
  • The unit requires frequent repairs
  • The system warranty has expired
  • High dust and low air quality problems
  • The system is more than 10 years old

We hope these tips will help this summer if your system breaks down. Providing honest solutions to our customers’ air conditioning needs is what is most important to us at All Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning. Please let us know if we can help you in any way.