Home Filtration Maintenance

Home Filtration Maintenance

It should go without saying, changing your indoor air filter every 2 months is a good idea. Just like changing your oil in your car, your air filter needs to be changed regularly to maintain better indoor air quality in your home and run efficiently.

Did you know in the dry Texas summer months manufacture more house dust? House dust is actually an airborne allergen and most likely is the most prevalent allergen in your home. Many people have allergies to house dust and if highly allergic, symptoms can lead to sickness if immune systems hit their threshold.

To help improve your indoor air quality it is advisable to check your filter every 4 to 5 weeks to see how much your filter is trapping. You might be surprised. Changing your filter more often in summer months will improve you air quality and may help prevent problems. If your return air unit has a 1 inch depth filter capacity, we recommend changing it monthly for best home indoor air quality and to maximum unit efficiency.

What to know about filter ratings:

  • Filters are rated on their ability to trap smaller and smaller airborne particles.
  • Filters have different MERV ratings (from MERV 1 to MERV 12). The higher the MERV number, the better at trapping smaller particles.

We recommend a MERV 9 filter or better, which will trap particles as small as 3 microns in size — mold spores, hair spray, baby powder and tree/grass pollens. However, if your unit came with a MERV 1 to 4 filter, your equipment may require modifications to accommodate a higher MERV rated filter. Only a qualified technician should perform such modifications. Your All Seasons technician will be happy to assist you with this.

Failure to change your filter regularly will lead to poor performance, causing your air conditioning or heating system to work harder than it should, and as a result, lead to higher utility cost to operate. It is advisable to keep 2 to 3 extra filters on hand to avoid having to make extra trips to the hardware store when it is time to replace filters.

So, while your at it, why not check that filter? Changing your filter regularly will not only keep your house cleaner, improve indoor air quality and reduce airborne allergens, but will help maintain and maximize your air conditioning and heating system’s efficiency. As a homeowner, make this is one easy maintenance chore a priority. Mark your calendar with a “check filter” every 4 to 5 weeks, and as a good measure we recommend changing every 4 weeks for best indoor air quality and unit performance.

Additionally, All Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning offers a Summer and Winter Tune-up for only $85. The promotion includes a complete A/C and heater tune-up to ensure your systems running at optimum efficiency, plus a new replacement air filter is included. Always know we are here for you to answer your questions about what filter is best for you, or anything else related to your home A/C or heater maintenance. If you want to know for sure your unit is working efficiently, take advantage of our promotion, call (903) 753-2665 to schedule an A/C and heater tune-up today.